Conveyancing services should have legal touch to perform correctly by the expert conveyancers. But if the ODPM is agreeing to abide by such a policy then that is excellent news and sets a precedent that presumably will be followed for all other legislation. We are concerned about the consultants' dismissal of a national advertising campaign bearing in mind that, on their figures, a strategy of targeting landlords through agents and associations.

A trial of the lawsuit could be held as soon as August. Ms. Garner is asking for an unspecified amount of damages. Her attorney, Ms. Meeks, declined to speak about the case on Tuesday. The BPF highlighted that one solution is already in Government’s hands and urged the Chancellor to. The man authorities say is the shooter - Ernest ''Fish'' Williams, 26 - is expected to plead guilty today to charges that will result in an 18-year sentence for his role. The changes are part of 15 required credits and seven electives, which are the minimum students must earn in high school in order to get into college. The proposed changes now must go through the legislative process, which could take several months. On Tuesday, the proposed changes are on the agenda of the Administrative Regulation Review Subcommittee. The science requirement would take effect in the fall of 2002. The foreign language requirement would be effective in 2004.

The new requirements also call for an additional social studies credit and a fine arts class - either visual or performing. “This physical infrastructure teamed with e-mail and IT advances means that the traditional view that rural accessibility is a constraint on business development is no longer valid.” We understand that since then the Treasury and ODPM officials have been considering whether and how to apply the PGS which is, in effect, a form of development land tax - to all developments.

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