He expects to begin Phase 1, which will include 32 riverfront lots and five zero-lot patio homes around a 4-acre interior lake in a gated community, in the next 90 to 120 days with hopes of completion this fall.Additional phases will include pools, a tennis court and a playground area.Christoper's faith comes from his uncle's development, Bay Hills Village, up the river.That development, formerly the Lucy's Branch Marina, now features more than 15 lakeside homes, a three-story condominium and about six patio homes with another condominium in the plans.

"He started with one riverfront home, and then he couldn't build them fast enough," Christopher said.We weren't sure about the patio homes (which do not have a river view), but ,Midland Settlements sold even quicker.Architect Bill Peters of Huntsville is still working on The Pointe's exact layout, but developers know they want the development to feature lots of green and lots with views.Most will be required to use a 150-boat slip marina that Riverfront is seeking permission from the Tennessee Valley Authority to build.

Riverfront is working with TVA to build a walking trail through this neighboring area. TVA is also helping turn the point of the peninsula into a preserve with a walking platform."I've seen 100 blue heron take off in the area at one time," Christopher said.For Michael Kelley of Athens, it definitely was the egg, which proved to be twice as valuable as the prize he expected to find.Kelley, 34, found THE DECATUR DAILY Easter Egg on Friday under a walking trail bridge behind Athens High School.

He went there following the clues from The News-Courier, an Athens newspaper, which has a classified advertising promotion similar to THE DAILY's egg hunt, but uses a ceramic rabbit instead."I had not read the first clue in THE DAILY," Kelley said.thought I was going to find a rabbit but found an egg instead.

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